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Bartender jobs can a flexible second job, or they can become a career. Some bartender jobs can become professional positions, such as a mixologist or corporate bar trainer.

Skills You Need

Bartenders work fast, so memorizing many drink recipes is important. An in-depth class can be useful to someone just starting out, although many bartenders receive all their training on the job. Understanding the flavor profiles of liquors will help you to create new drinks and make recommendations to your customers.

Veteran bartenders compare busy nights to a triage: determining which customers to serve first, and the order that you make your drinks can determine whether you keep up or have a bar full of thirsty patrons.

Cash handling skills and overall organization are a must for the successful bartender. You could be managing up to dozens of different tabs, so ensuring your customers are charged correctly is essential.

Many locales require bartenders to be certified in responsible alcohol service. Some states have a dram shop law or act; this means the bartender may be liable if an intoxicated patron injures someone.

Different Places to Bartend

Each type of bar has its own vibe, from busy to more laid back. Speed may be essential in one venue, while others require

  • Nightclub: Expect your bar to be busy and loud. Speed is essential to be successful here

  • Restaurant bar:be making drinks for your own patrons plus those in the dining room. The atmosphere depends on the establishment but expect to mix talking to bar guests with service bar duties

  • Event bartender: Special events such as weddings or class reunions generally have a portable catered bar with limited beverage options. This is a good entry-level bartender job, due to the limited selection

Average Bartender Salary

Bartenders make the majority of their pay from tips - in fact, some areas of the country only pay a reduced minimum wage. Nightly tips can range from $50 to over $200, resulting in a median average salary of $21,690 per year.

Choosing a bartending job can be an exciting position in a fast-paced environment while making hundreds of dollars in cash each night. If you enjoy meeting new people and physical work, bartending can be just the job for you.

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